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One-Time Setup

1. Using your cell phone, send a text consisting only of your first name to your Usual pickup place at their textable number. The immediate reply will contain your CoffeeDrinker name.

2. If setting up the app, enter your CoffeeDrinker name when requested.

3. Using the app or any mobile or desktop browser, create and save your Usual.

Ordering Your Drink

Using the Make My Latte app, order your Usual anytime by saying, tapping or texting your pickup time. Tap the coffee cup icon to get to the My Perfect Drink screen. There you can change and save your Usual or quickly create and order a different drink for a friend.

Once your Usual is saved, you can also order by texting the word "pickup" and a pickup time to the textable number of your pickup place. "pickup 9:15 AM"

Using your CoffeeDrinker name, you can also order from any phone, tablet or desktop that has a Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Silk or Opera Web browser.

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Ordering App at Google Play

Customer Info Cards

Maker App at Google Play

Make My Latte

☕ Text and Voice Ordering with Prepaid and Coffee-Card Tracking ☕

Make My Latte Is Advance Ordering For Independent Coffee.

True SMS Texting For Your Tablet

Texting, technically known as SMS or MMS, has surpassed email as the technology of choice for instant communication. Sadly, up until now, full participation has required a mobile phone. Tablet Texting has changed that fact.

Your Own Textable Number

When you sign-up for Tablet Texting your account includes a dedicated textable phone number. You choose the area code and number as part of the Tablet Texting sign up process. Once you have a Tablet Texting account, you can load the Tablet Texting app onto your device and start texting. You can also use Tablet Texting from any browser.

Like Texting With A Smart Phone

When you send a text with Tablet Texting, it is instantly delivered to the mobile phone number you specify. The recepiant can reply just as they would to any text message. You receive incoming messages to your textable number just as if the sender were sending a text to a mobile phone.

Unlimited Texting $5 per Month.

Unlimited text-messaging with emoticons, photos, contact list and your own textable phone number. Its all here and its just $5 per month.

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Stanwood, WA 98292-5437
P: (206) 981-5083
Customer Service eMail
Customer Service Text
669 231-3498

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You are going to love Tablet Texting!

Confirm & Pay

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Textable: 555 555-1212
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Well Done!

Please activate your account using either the PayPal or Amazon button below.

The cost for unlimited texting is $5.00 per month. You will have full use of your account immediately after completing the payment process. Additional months can be paid at any time by logging on to Tablet Texting and going to the Account section.

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New Account

Create or Change Your Usual

The Three Steps to Wait-Free Coffee Nirvana
  1. Find your Usual Pick Up Place in the list above and text them your first name. You will instantly receive a text message confirming your new Coffee Drinker Name.
  2. Describe your perfect coffee drink as your Usual using the button below. This is the fun part and takes just a few moments.
  3. For future orders, text "pickup _ __ am" or even "p __ minutes" to the same number. Your drink will be ready for you at the time you specify.
Important Details!

Perform Step 1 once. Changes to your Usual Pickup Place can made anytime using Step 2.

Repeat Step 2 anytime you want to make changes to your Usual.

There is an optional step. You can add value to your house account. Text "stash __ dollars" to the ordering number then pay the cashier that amount next time you pickup. We refer to house account orders as Made & Paid. The accounting is done automatically and your balance is reported with each order confirmation. Give it a try, it will be a huge time saver for you.

As for Step 3, after careful research we reccomend you repeat Step 3 one or more times per day, five to seven days per week. Or more often, as needed. 😎

No Coffee Drinker Name? Tap here!

Tall Hot Whole Milk Mocha

Android on Google Play

1. Sign Up for a Tablet Texting account.

2. Log on to your account and get your three little words.

3. Load the app, put in the three words and start texting!

Fire OS Amazon App Store

1. Sign Up for a Tablet Texting account.

2. Log on to your account and get your three little words.

3. Load the app, put in the three words and start texting!

Internet Using Chrome

1. Sign Up for a Tablet Texting account using Chrome as your Web browser.

2. Log on to your account.

3. Start texting!

Internet Using Firefox

1. Sign Up for a Tablet Texting account using Firefox as your Web browser.

2. Log on to your account.

3. Start texting!